An echium called Hope

I have a bit of a thing about echiums, I think they are wonderful plants especially the tall Echium pininana.  
Germinating the seeds is relatively straightforward, this is not the stage I struggle with; it is getting them through the winter into their second year when they will (hopefully) flower.  The echium above was from my most successful echium year, when I finally managed to keep some alive long enough to flower.  

For no reason, maybe the thrill of success was all too much for me, I have not tried to grow echiums in the last couple of years.  So imagine my joy when weeding the garden the other day....
I found this young echium seedling.  It must have been waiting until the conditions were right for it and then suddenly made its bid for life.  I quickly decided that to give it the best chance of getting through the Winter I should carefully dig it up and pot it up.  I popped it into the greenhouse at first, but now the weather is getting wetter and colder I have brought it indoors.

I have put it on the kitchen windowsill as then I can keep a close eye on it.  I can make sure it does not get overwatered, but also that it does not dry out either.  I shall whisper words of love to it routinely and hope and hope and hope that this echium now called Hope, thrives to flower.

and whether it does or not, I am inspired again by its very being to grow some from seed against next year.  Seeds have been added to the list and this shall be done.

Wish. Me. Luck. (and the echium - obvs)

Take care and be kind.

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  1. Oh, that IS exciting! Congratulations! I love Echiums, too, I've seen some amazing ones in California. Good luck!


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