A letter to the Garden - October 2023

Dear Garden

Here we are Autumn side of the Equinox heading ever onwards towards the shortest day.  My dear garden there are so many jobs mounting up that need doing I almost do not know where to start, except it will more than likely involve a chainsaw.

We have only had a couple of nights where the temperatures have dropped into single figures so far and there has not been a frost yet.  The roses are still growing and the dahlias are looking a little raggy but still living it large.  The dahlias have been wonderful this year.  My (and their) best year for a long time.  

We do have a bit of a wasp problem don't we my garden?  "What's this we??" I hear you say, "I haven't got a problem with the wasps - but you might have!"  Well in truth I sort of have a problem and sort of don't except I think I am in denial and I should accept I just do.  There is a wasp nest in the roof, I noticed it a couple of weeks ago and it is not causing me any issues other than the odd wasp wandering into the house.  This makes me sound quite chilled about this but in reality I am anything but chilled.  You know, dear garden, that I am very (very) scared of wasps.  I cannot bear them near me and panic a little too easily.   I have now started hearing imaginary wasps in the middle of the night.  They wake me up at 3am.  But are they imaginary..... that is the question......

They are in the roof, the first frost will kill them - this is my mantra.

The second wasp nest is in the garden - yes yes there are two wasp nests.  The second one is in the grassy knoll.  I had one there previously a few years ago and as long as I skirt it carefully it is not a problem.


The other day I was mowing the lawn.  I remembered the wasp nest and decided not to mow too close to it just in case.  So there was I mowing away when I felt a sharp pain in my thigh; and then a sharp pain in my hand.  I looked down and there was a wasp stinging merrily through my glove.  I ran, I threw my gloves onto the floor and headed indoors snickety-snack.  Luckily I only had the two stings.  Vinegar was applied (vinegar for vasps, bicarb for bees) and thankfully the pain subsided fairly quickly.  

Meanwhile there is no sign of frost and I am now worring about the nest in the roof, what if they start limboing through the gap in the loft hatch?  Maybe I should get it dealt with but it feels like it will soon resolve itself.  I am no fan of wasps but I struggle just killing things.

Oh well, I will see how long I can hold out.

So my dear garden I shall distract myself with some tree pruning soon, it needs doing and the pruning season beckons - and let's not even start on the amount of weeding to be done.

I shall keep in touch my dear garden,

take care

Your loving gardener xx

Take care and be kind.

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  1. Oh dear, sorry to hear about the wasp stings! We are just starting to flirt with frost here in my part of the world. No 0C/32F in the forecast, but we will be in the high 30sF(3-4C) for lows the next few days. I'm not ready for it! Time to start thinking about bringing in the potted plants I want to overwinter. Good luck with your projects!

  2. Oh my! I hope you had a hard frost last night and all buzzing in the nests has now ceased.


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