A day or two of rain

It was more than a day, it was most of one day, a night, a day and a night.  Storm Babet did not visit us in full force, we were very lucky in that respect; but she tapped on the windows and washed us hard with her wake as she sauntered by.

We had a lot of rain. The conservatory that has a sometimes leak if the rain blows in from a certain direction, was starting to fill up with rain like a huge aquarium.  Ok I exaggerate, but there was the largest puddle I have seen on the floor to date and lets just say some of the plants in there will not need watering for a while.

The rain was constant, but it was not consistent.  If there are many Inuit words for snow then we had a demonstration of the many different types of rain there can be.

At times it was stairrods, the heavy beating down of rain when the drops are so big and heavy and coming down at such force that they look like stairrods.

There was the driving drizzle, that wet blanket of fine rain that is almost a slightly disconnected fog.  It is drenching very quickly despite the tiny droplets of water that it is composed of.

Then there is the steady rain: the 'I am just going to keep plopping out of the sky in steady pattern'.  It was timed by a metrognome it would probably be a marching band: seemingly unstoppable.

and then you get the sparse rain, the drops that are either it is almost stopped or almost going to start raining  The sparse rain might not be rain at all, but just drops falling from trees, houses, anything it can drip from.

We went through these cycles of rain.  There was no set sequence or pattern.  We had some heavy, some drizzle, some drizzle, some sparse.  The random rain-generator was performing well.  

I am lucky there were no floods close to where I live, there is a new stream running down the lane to the house but it passes us by so far.  The garden is squelchy Mcsquelchy and I think the wasp nest in the grassy knoll has drowned.  I can see no life coming out of it.

and the pond? the pond is full.  That wonderful full it reaches in Winter so it already ahead of schedule. I wonder what kind of Winter we will have coming towards us.  Will it be very wet but not that frosty or will it be hard frosts and snow?

Time will tell.

Take care and be kind.

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  1. It's always interesting to predict the type of winter we will have. I'm usually off in my predictions. We've had some off-and-on/strange rains lately, too. And our weather has been very unusual this past summer/fall because of El Nino. I hope the winter will be more "normal," but we shall see...

  2. She also rattled past us and made things very wet and very very windy for a couple of days. Thankfully, she didn’t settle here for long. I hope the wasps don’t learn to swim…


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