Little Bill MacKenzie

 Sometimes you just have to observe and wait.

I don't know how many years ago I first noticed the wisp of clematis growth that appeared in the Pond Border.  I had not planted one in the border but I recognised the foliage so left it to see what it would become.

A year passed, it grew again, it grew taller, but still no flower.

Another year passed, maybe two, honestly I lost track.  It reappeared every year, grew a little taller, a little stronger but still no sign of a flower.

Then this year...
Poomph! there were flowers and I could see that it was a Bill Mackenzie, or a relation thereof.  I do grow Bill, I am a great fan of Bill.  I love the waxy, peel like petals that look like a lemon has burst open into flower.  I love the fluffy seed heads that last long into winter and that stick to my hair and my  clothing when I am tidying Bill up ready for the next season's growth.  I never do this very quickly so maybe a seed fluttered along and found a place to be and grow.
Bill has wound himself into one of my Abutilon vitifoliums, which means this gives me double joy. 
Whilst the mauve flowers of the Abutilon are long gone, the seed heads which I think are beautiful enough reason to grow this shrub, are working well with Bill.

Happiness is made from moments like this.

Take care and be kind.

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