Tree Following July 2023 - a quince threesome

Here we are in July and now the quest for a quince is getting serious.  We have had the initial quincelings and the weather has sorted out the men from the boys with the weedy non-viable quincelings dropping orf.  So where does this leave me in terms of a possible quince count....

Not very hopeful in all honesty.  After thinking I had record amounts of blossom this year the promise of great bounty has fizzled away.  Quince Minor appears to have one quincelet.
and Quince Major has two quincelets high up on the highest branch.

Three quinces is better than no quinces, but I did hope for more this year.  I wonder if it was the blast of hot weather and lack of rain we had a couple of weeks ago?  It was not as long a period without rain as we had last year so I thought it would have not caused any real issues to the trees.  Oh well, might have been, might not have been the cause.

Never mind, they are still both wonderful trees - fruit or no fruit.

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Take care and be kind

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  1. It's a shame that there's not more. xx

  2. What a shame there are so few quince. Maybe the blossoms didn't get pollinated, there's been a lack of pollinating insects in many places this year

  3. I am writing this a bit late, so by now I dare say you have had a lot more rain, as it has been such a rubbish July. Hope there is better news from your quince!
    All the best :)


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