End of Month Review June 2023

June already becoming a memory - half way through and the shortest day is already receding behind us.

It has been a hot and sunny June on the whole, but a couple of thunderstorms gave sufficient drenching to mean it could have been worse in terms of drought.  As I dig to make new plantings, the ground is damp which is always a good sign.  The front garden is looking green, and in the heart of the knot.....

..... there is golden treasure, his gingerness has a new snoozing place.
The warmth and the recent rain means everything is growing at a fast pace.  This geranium has wound its way up at good four feet up the lilac in the front garden.  I have never see it do this before and it is rather wonderful.
Everything seems very lush.  The containers of annual bedding are really getting into their stride now.  I really enjoy planting these up with these colourful flowers and they do a good job of attracting pollinators.  Spot the Tim who was following me around the garden as I was taking these photographs. 
The Courtyard is looking lush too.  I am very pleased with these pelagoniums that overwintered well and are flowering their little socks off.
The begonias are enjoying being outsidefor the summer.
The Butterfly Border is currently dominated by these self-sown verbascums.
In the woodlandborder the Amicia zygormeris, one of my very favourite shrubs, is growing well.  Maybe this will be the year that it flowers....
and the Edgeworthia chrysantha seems happy too.  I usually fuss over this shrub in the winter hoping it does not get too cold, but I nearly lost it in last year's drought so now I just worry all year round.
Two of the 'dead' Euphorbia mellifera have started to show signs of life.  This means out of the five, maybe only two are dead after all, but I still haven't given up on them just yet.
In the hinterland of the Exotic Border, a couple of the hostas planted last year have died, but most have survived.  They have enjoyed the recent rain.
and the hydrangea quercifolia, that hardly ever gets a mention despite being a really good plant, it having a very good year.
These tithonia are doing very well, they have suddenly decided to grow tall.
and three of the four tree ferns in this border are doing well.  Newby I think might be a gonna but I keep watering him and whispering words of love just in case there is a spark of life. 
This corner of the Pond Border is coming into its own, it becomes a good pink froth of a space.
and the lawn is full of self-heal.  I always enjoy its purple phase.
The Smell me and Dye Garden is coming along well. At the forefront of the photo you will see the big green leaves of what I think is perennial spinach that have self-seeded from last year. I am going to remove most of them, I left them as weed supressant. 
This part of the garden is really making me happy.  There are the pretty chrysanths, poppies and the marigolds are just starting to flower.  It is the jumble I was hoping for.
The madder is growing well too, with added nasturiums.
There is some veg growing, I have potatoes growing in these bags.
and peas are starting to develop.  I love growing peas.
The pond is a bit blanket-weedy, but it otherwise clear of most weeds.  Two steps forward, one step back...  I donned my waders and removed a lot of the weed.  Yes this has resulted in the ability for some blanket weed to appear but not too bad so far.  The rain has helped the pond and I confess to a small amount of topping up.  This usually takes me a few days as I don't like using drinking water in this way, it feels decadent when so many people across the world do not have clean water and also I do not want to add a whole load of chemically water to the pond as this can lead to blanket weed..... oh....

oh well.

Take care and be kind

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