Tree following June 2023

So we have had the blossom and now the setting begins - well hopefully begins.  Will the little swellings of fruit set and stick? That is the question of the day....

There are very positive signs of goodly sized quincelets particularly on Quince Minor. 
Quince Minor had a very good year for blossom and this seems to have stood it in good stead so far.
Quince Major tends to have fruit highter up in its branches and I could not see very well when I was looking.  This quincelet looks very likely that it might drop off.  It does not look as robust as some others.
This one I would not even breathe near, it is a gonna I am sure.
and maybe in response to its fruits not looking their best, Quince Major is a haveing a small flush of second blossom.  This tree has done this previously, particularly after a late frost, so I have some hope.
though I don't like the look of this webbiness behind the blossom....  slightly concerning...

Anyhoo, as ever, time will tell.....

More followed trees can be found here being looked after by Squirrelbasket.

Take care and be kind

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  1. Oh, fruits! That is exciting. Keep us posted!

  2. They're both looking good, so fingers crossed. xx

  3. Looking good - but I am commenting a few weeks late so I wonder how your quincelets have fared in all the dry weather lately...
    Best wishes :)


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