Tree Following May 2023 - Blossom

Oh yes dear reader, we have blossom, quite a lot of blossom.  In fact I am going to say oodles of blossom on both trees, more than I have seen before.

Am I excited about this? Gosh yes!  More excited than a very excitable thing.  I look at each individual blossom and wish them well.  Ok, that is an exageration, I look at each individual blossom I can without the need for a ladder, and that is plenty enough.  I am sending all positive vibes and hoping that the frost is now finished for this year.  The frost has carried on until recently but the cold Spring seems to have held the blossom back, which means the blossom was not fully open when the last frost hit.  This feels very positive and gives me lots of hope.  We have also had quite a lot of rain recently too, so they should be feeling nicely hydrated.  I am ticking off all the things that could cause issues off the list and hoping that this year, this year might be a good one.  I wonder about casting wellbeing spells over the trees to ensure their fruitfulness.  "Spells?" I hear you say, "since when has this dippy bint been casting spells?".  Never is the honest reply yet this does not hold me back from thinking maybe I could/should.
I am already composing the complaints I shall be making in the Autumn about 'what am I going to do with all these quinces?' and 'oh no I just cannot get enough jam jars for all this quince jelly' oh and 'how can I find the time to make all this quince jelly';  I am enjoying preparing myself for one of my favourite sayings.....'be careful what you wish for'.

So wish me luck - wish me quinces - wish me the problems that I would actually like to have.

Time will tell....

A forest of followed trees under the stewardship of Squirrelbasket can be found here.

Take care and be kind

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  1. I wish you quinces! Beautiful blooms for sure!

  2. oh my, too many quinces! what a thought

  3. Blossom is a good sign that you'll get quinces this year. Fingers crossed. xx

  4. The tree has certainly grown over the years!
    have a great season and stay safe on that ladder :)


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