Product Review: Bucket Barrow Urban88

Picture the scene, I had just the other day received a tonne of top soil and a tonne of gravel for my new garden project the creation of a natural dye garden.  I have a wheelbarrow, a rickety, never been that great, metal one.  An email pops up from the nice people at Mower Magic saying 'would you like to trial/review the Bucket Barrow Urban88?'

Well I was not going to say no was I?  I have not paid for the Bucket Barrow Urban88, I have not been paid to write this review.  My words and opinions are my own.

The Bucket Barrow arrived quickly in a large box.  I set aside some time to put it together.
The instructions are very clear and easy to follow.  I have to mention the nuts and bolts sheet (it probably has a technical name).  This is one of the best I have ever seen because the bolts are laid out and listed by which step they are needed for in the assembly.  This made construction very easy.
The kits includes very handy bits of tape.  Once I realised what the tape did I had a real 'oooh' moment.  So simple, so well thought through.
and I have to mention the white dots.  These were so useful.  Whoever put this kit together really knew what they were doing - thank you.
It took me almost exactly one hour to put the barrow together, other people may be faster at these things but I can faff as an olympic sport.  Once constructed then it was time to put the Bucket Barrow to work.  

Now you may be thinking, but what is the point of the buckets?  I have to confess when I first looked at them I was not totally sure either.  You get four large buckets and one scoopy bucket for the front.  I filled four buckets with top soil and trundled to the Dyers Garden.  I picked up a bucket and emptied it into the raised bed.  No more digging, no trying to manourve the barrow over the lip of the raised bed, just up, empty and done.  
This made the task much faster and much easier on my back.  I think I have mentioned before I have to be careful of my back after hurting it quite badly once when gardening.  When doing this type of job I am very aware of being careful.  The Bucket Barrow is nicely weighted so that I could keep my back straight and there was not too much effort in moving it around.
It did not take many loads before the raised bed was full.  I was delighted, the Bucket Barrow had coped well and my back felt fine.

Then I moved on to a lighter job.
It was 'hair cut day' for the Prairie Borders.  The ability to lift out the buckets meant I could empty them on the top of the compost heap very easily.
and I could use the buckets to put the cut grass directly into, the buckets could follow me along the border and then I popped them into the Bucket Barrow when full.  

A couple of days later,  I was ready to start another heavy job.
I was at the stage of putting the gravel down for the paths in the Dyers Garden.  I decided I would not fill all four buckets as that might be too heavy for me to handle, so I experimented with buckets and found that three buckets was a good number.  I could handle the weight and they were not too heavy to empty at the other end.  Using the buckets as a load management system worked brilliantly for me.

This is not a cheap wheelbarrow, it is a premium product and has a premium price of £189 at the time of writing.  I really do think it is worth it.  I gave it some hard tasks and apart from being a bit dirty it looks great and handled the work extremely well.  I expect to get many years from it.  

Some technical information from the website:

BucketBarrow Urban88 Wheelbarrow Kit Includes:
* 1 x All-Rounder 88 LitreNarrow Wheelbarrow
* 4 x Super Strong 15 Litre Buckets
* 1 x Multipurpose 12 Litre Scoop

The URBAN88 Quality, All Purpose Wheel barrow Featuring:
* Strong, narrow design and large load carry capacity to excel in difficult to access environments
* Overall product width of just 525mm the narrowest wheelbarrow on the market
* 88 Lt waterproof, strengthened poly tray supported by a durable frame that’s built to last
* Low centre of gravity to make moving material easy
* Broad footprint to provide excellent stability for safe and efficient material loading and unloading

The URBAN88 15Lt Buckets Feature:
* Reinforcement ribbing for strength and durability
* Square profile with 15 Lt volume capacity
* Internal and external litre markings
* Rounded corners for accurate material measurement, mixing and pouring
* Comfort moulded hand grips for easy and efficient load carrying
* Stacking capacity for convenient storage in small spaces

The URBAN88 12Lt Multi-Purpose Scoop Features:
* Strengthened wide mouth, aluminium blade edge and comfort hand grip making it an ideal hand shovel for fast and accurate material collection, movement and distribution
* Locates securely onto the rear handles of the URBAN88 wheelbarrow providing an ideal carry caddy that maximises load carry capacity
* Forms a strong and effective dustpan with two rear foot platforms to secure materials for effective job clean up

The URBAN88 Wheelbarrow Specifications:
* Wheelbarrow: Overall product width 525mm
* Tray: 88 litre boltless 5mm thick UV treated polypropylene
* Tray mounts: 6 x M6 bolts mounted through 12 x 6mm heavy duty tabs
* Shock board: Integrated within the URBAN88 tray with strengthened ribbing
* Handles: 50 x 25mm powder-coated steel section
* Sub Frame: 25mm x 5mm heavy duty fully welded flat bar steel
* Hand grips: Comfort moulded non-slip
* Tyre: 380 x 100mm heavy duty 4 ply pneumatic tough tread tyre
* Rim: Powder-coated fully welded steel rim with a 25mm steel axle
* Max load rating: 150kg
* Product weight: 17kg
* Retail box size: 910mm height x 565mm width x 295mm depth

The URBAN88 Scoop Specifications:
* Volume: 12 litre
* Material thickness: 2.5mm premium polypropylene strengthened with extra ribbing
* Handle: Comfort moulded main hand grip plus secondary grap handle
* Scoop Mouth: Strengthened with powder coated aluminum blade

The URBAN88 Bucket Specifications:
* Volume: 15 litre volume with internal and external litre markings
* Material thickness: 2.5mm premium polypropylene strengthened with extra ribbing
* Handle: Premium plastic with comfort moulded hand grip

Additional Information:
* Boxed Weight: 24 kg
* Boxed Dimensions: 57 × 30 × 91.5 cm
* Easy Self-Assembly Required
* Tools for Assembly Included

Who knew you could fall in love with a wheelbarrow?

Take care and be kind.

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  1. Oh, that's nifty! I like the idea of the buckets, because you can used the wheelbarrow without them, too. So, definitely a multi-use, multi-purpose garden accessory. Enjoy!

    1. Thanks, I must say I think it is a great piece of kit. I agree it is very useful.

  2. Looks Great !

  3. That looks really handy and I get it’ll get more use than a standard wheelbarrow, too.

  4. We have one and it is absolutely fantastic !


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