Tree Following March 2023

 Oh my dear reader, oh my oh my oh my: the Quince Brothers are stirring.

So why the worry, well as I write the temperatures are dropping to -3 and lower and snow had been sprinkling itself around..  Not enough to drift but enough to maybe look at the sprouts of green and worry.  The acid-green leaves protect the blossom buds well, they cloak them and wrap them and hug them tightly.  Whilst they stay like this the blossom should be snug and safe from frost.

We are not even close to the end of frost time yet, there are at least another four weeks to go through if not six.  If the Quince Brothers start to unfurl further, if they start to embrace their inner Gypsy Rose Lee and peel off one of their opera gloves then I shall just have to hope that the Quince Brothers get through unscathed.

Time will tell

More followed trees can be found here courtesy of Squirrelbasket.

Take care and be kind.

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  1. Oh gosh, I hope they'll make it through OK. Thanks for sharing the beauty.

    1. Thanks, they are currently shivering in the snow so I am hoping this cold snap ends soon.

  2. They are pretty although the timing is bad. Hope they will come to their senses and slow down.

  3. yes the color of that first green is exquisite!


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