Some Leicester snow-beings

Some months ago I was reading about 'Juhyo', snow monsters seen in the shapes of snow-covered trees in Japan.  These trees, high in the mountains become totally covered in snow, and I mean totally.  They take on new amorphus shapes and become a strange snow-form.  If you look for photographs of them on the internet you will soon understand why.  The trees are transformed unto random beautiful shapes that look like monsters or ghosts.  On reading about them I knew I would love to travel to see them in Japan, they must make an incredible sight.  One day she sighs wistfully.....

The snow clings to the trees like icing sugar as snow and moisture from the sea is blown into them by the sub-zero temperature winds and layer by layer their forms change and evolve into a magical sight.  They look part snow-monster, part-meringue.  They look so solid yet you wonder if you touched them with the tip of your finger would the snow coating shatter and fall.  Maybe they would withstand the blow of a giant hammer?  I get the feeling it is probably either one end of this spectrum or another.

Fast forward to the other day and we finally had some snow in my corner of Leicester.  The snow on the first day did not really settle very much but as the next morning revealed itself there was a goodly layer of snow.  We actually had enough snow to be fairly disruptive for a few hours and it must have acculumuated to probably a good two or three inches (at this point I expect many readers to keel over with laughter at how pathetic we are in my part of England with a bit of snow - we know this - I think we make a glory of it ).  I think I have previously said I am a snow-wimp as I do dislike driving in snow but I do think it very beautiful and I enjoy watching it transform the garden.

I was delighted to see that the cypress trees in the Knot Garden were getting a little juhyo.
I decided that the five of them were channelling their inner flamboyant pop-group.  That they would start waggling their snow-laden branches in time to a funky track that soon would be pulsing through them.
This one has to the lead singer, definitely the one screaming 'look at me! them lot are fannying-around in the background dancing behind my back, but  
Whereas this one I think is trying to be unobtrusive.  Clearly the not so confident one.

Certainly for this year and probably for a long time, this is the closest to juhyo I am going to get.  Less snow-monster, maybe to reflect my character they are more like snow-wimps - and there ain't no shame in that.

Take care and be kind.

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  1. Ha! I see what you mean about the "pop group." They do look like they're dancing and performing. We still have snow here in the Midwest U.S., but it's melting fast. I'm hoping spring will stick when it happens in a few days. :)


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