Product Review - National Trust Vail Larch Nest Box from C J Wildlife

I quite often buy bird food from CJ Wildlife, so when they asked me if I would like one of the nesting boxes that they sell to review, it seemed churlish to say no.  They very kindly sent me the Vail Larch Nest Box from the National Trust range.

Full disclosure:  I have not paid for this nesting box, nor have I been paid to write this review.  My words and opinions are my own.

I chose this nesting box as I particularly wanted one that would work for Great Tits.  I had a nesting box on the Bramley tree in my garden and every year Great Tits nested in it.  Late last summer it fell off the tree (thankfully after the fledglings had fledged).  The wood had rotted through so after many years of service so I had it in my mind I needed to replace it.

The Vail Larch Nest Box is a very well made nesting box, I like that it has a reinforced bird entrance and the wood is quite thick.  It feels solid.  Whilst I admit part of me was thinking 'a nesting box is a nesting box is a nesting box.....', it is very important that a nesting box can be cleaned ready for the new occupants every year, some are very much style over function.
This nesting box has a side flap which makes it incredibly easy to clean, no more faffing taking it down from the tree and having to put it back up again.  It is such a simple difference from previous nesting boxes and yet a good difference.

Now is a good time to install a nesting box, the birds are starting to sing louder and will soon be thinking about birdy-relationships and making whoopy; this means they will be thinking of nesting and nesting boxes make an important addition to our gardens to enable birds to find somewhere safe to nest. 

Best of all as I write this the Vail Nesting Box is on offer -reduced from £18.99 to £14.99 - we all love  bargain!

I am happy to recommend this nesting box and I am looking forward to it hosting its first family.

Take care and be kind.

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