Far from the madder crowd....

well actually, quite the opposite in many ways, but I like the title and can dream a little of Bathsheba.....

Remember back in September when I finally gave up trying to rescue my veg garden in a piecemeal fashion and went full Rambo on it, dug it over, flattened it and covered in it black plastic. 
This is how it currently looks, sleeping nicely with the perennial weeds all dying away, deprived of the sun that is necessary for them to grow.  When I wrote about pressing the reset button for this part of the garden I had no strong ideas of what it might become.  I did not want to return to just vegetable growing, I do not have a strong enough inclination to keep the area looked after for vegetables.  I have however realised I cannot give up growing vegetables, so I will grow them mainly in containers from now on.  Some vegetables may get planted into this area, but it will not be its primary purpose.

I have not spent a lot of time pondering on what the area will be, as ever I believe the garden will tell me what it wants me to do so I let my mind relax waiting for the answer.  The answer did not come from the garden however, it knocked on the door from another direction.

Another memory for you:  way back in March 2020 I reviewed 'Seasonal Plant Dyes' by Alicia Hall.  I said in the review I was determined to create and use natural dyes that year.  Well, within days we were in the first lockdown and life just got away from me somehow.  You could argue that I should have had the time, but that is not how things work is it.  The idea did not leave though, it sat there at the back of my mind, patiently waiting for when I would return to it.  I like to think the idea took up knitting during this time.

Fast forward to the other week and I went on a short creative course at Nottingham Trent University to explore experimental drawing and embroidery.  It was a good course and I learned a lot and came away with new techniques, new thoughts and new inspiration.  There I sat sewing with raffia when the idea at the back of my mind put down its knitting and started stepping forwards, possibly jabbing at me with a knitting needle to emphasise its thoughts.
Think, it said (jab), think about sewing with plants from your garden...... hmm I thought, yes that is an interesting thought.

Think, it said (jab jab), think about sewing with threads and fabric you have dyed from plants in your garden......  hmm I thought, yes..... yes.....
Think, it said (seriously hard poke with a knitting needle), think about turning the old veg garden into a dye garden.  Think about planting plants you can make dyes from.  You have the book, you have the space - what are you waiting for?

Make.It.So said the garden and I am obeying.
Updates will follow.

Take care and be kind.

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