It is a matter of priorities

So much to do, so much to do, so much to do: this is the constant rhythm threading through my thoughts, a bass line upon which my gardening considerations are based.

Do you remember the Doctor Who episode 'The Sound of Drums' (2007)?  When David Tennant was the Doctor and John Sim The Master and a key part of the plot was a four beat rhythm that played a central role in the plot.  Well that four beat rhythm in my head at the moment is 'so much to do, so much to do....'

You know the situation: you only have a limited time to spend in the garden.  There is work during the week and no chance of any after-work gardening as it is dark by 4pm.  That means the weekends are gardening time and yet there is so much else to do as well.  There are house chores, I might be hoping to get out for a walk, there is sewing to be done as well as everything else.  I have to prioritise, I have to plan and I have to work out the order of things.

The weekend in question was already divided into a day at home and a day out with friends.  Saturday was the home day so I had to plan what happened when.  I wanted to go out for a walk and I really had to get on with things in the garden.  Weeds need removing (one weed removed now is worth 1000 in the Spring), the last few bulbs needed planting and I just needed to get my outside time.  

The plan was thus:  get out for a walk first then spend the rest of the day in the garden.  Once it gets dark I could do some sewing: those jeans were not making themselves.

But.  there is always a but.  The weather forecast was saying that the morning would be dry and rain would be appearing from about 1ish.  If I went out for a walk I probably would not get into the garden until 11ish at best.  That meant possibly only two hours which was not as much time as I wanted/needed.

So much to do, so much to do.......

I rejigged my plan.  Gardening would be first and I would stay out until 1ish or until the rain started whichever came first.  I could go for my walk after lunch as walking the rain is ok.  I have good walking coat that keeps the rain and wind out.

Decision made I strode purposefully into the garden (yes I did boldly go).  Bulbs were planted, weeds were pulled and there was some shrub pruning as well.  At almost 1pm on the dot the rain began to spot.   I looked at the sky, thought about food and declared lunch time.

I wandered out for my walk later and whilst I did get rained on, it was ok, I did not mind.

I ended the day thinking that it was a good day.  I had crossed things off my list and I was pleased with my priority planning.  Time and project management - key underpinning skills for the gardener.

Take care and be kind.

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  1. This reminds me of how busy gardening season is. Thank you for that. My gardening season slows down considerably in mid-October when we usually get our first frost (Midwestern U.S.). Then there are still minor tasks until it gets much colder. We are heading into our snowy, very cold season. Gardening must wait until March. That's OK: It's good to have a break. Then I really appreciate it when it starts again. Don't work too hard!

    1. We've had a sudden cold snap here, but it rarely lasts longer than a few days. So no gardening this weekend but hopefully I shall get some done soon.


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