Tree Following September 2022 - small and mighty

Here we are in September and things look hopeful on the quince harvest front.  Hopeful for me is any amount of quinces above zero.

Let the Quince Count for September commence!  (voice of The Count from Sesame Street....)

Quince Major

Quince One
Quince Two

Quince two is there, promise, sort of in the middle and looking very small.  I could have cropped the image to make it more clear, but that was missing the point.  It is small, high up and hard to see.  I could not see Quince three, so I assume that the squirrels, the bandits of the garden, have stolen it.  Either that or the drought has meant it has dropped off, but I prefer to blame squirrels.

Quince Minor

Quince One

Quince Two

So we have an almost stable state.  Two quinces each remain and I am fairly hopeful they will ripen.  There is enough to add to an apple crumble and that is enough for me.  I am even more hopeful now the rain has returned.  We have had quite a bit over the last few days, we still need more and I am sure I will reach a point where I will soon be hoping for less.  For now each rain-shower is a good one.  

More followed trees can be found here looked after by Squirrelbasket (is this a basket of bandits.....)

Take care and be kind.

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