Product Review: Finches Friend 'Cleaner Window Feeder' and 'Cleaner Feeder 1'

I think we all know that if we are providing bird feeders in our gardens it is important to keep them clean.  By providing an articifical method for feeding birds, we accidentally provide places were infection can be passed.  This is easily sorted if you keep the bird feeders clean.  On saying this, I confess to not being as good at this as I know I should be.

image c/o Finches Friend

When I was asked if I wanted to review the Finches Friend cleaner feeders I said yes immediately.  I have not paid for these products not have I been written to write this review.  My words opinions remain my own but I have used a couple of their images because I failed miserably to get a good photo of a bird on my feeders.  Everytime I got close they flew off - how rude!

the feeder on my conservatory window

The Finches Friend Cleaner Window Feeder is made of strong UV-stabilised polycarbonate which will not discolour but uses components and packaging that are recyclable.  It fits together very easily, which means it will come apart easily to clean.  This is important.  The more of a faff something is the more I am unlikely to do it (that cannot be just me?).   The feeder is designed to separate "food, feet and faeces', which I think are general good rules to live by.  The feeder retails at around £23.95 at the time of writing.   It also has not fallen off the window which is a problem I have had with other window feeders so I do think that this window feeder is a cut above the usual.

Size H.90mm W.250mm D.80mm
Capacity. 0.3l
Weight. 250g empty. 380g full, using sunflower hearts (guide)

The Cleaner Feeder 1 is made of the same strong materials as the Cleaner Window Feeder, it holds 1.79l of food but I admit I do not fully fill mine.  I have found that half-filling it works well and lasts about a week which means I am more likely to clean it more often.  I do have other bird feeders in the garden so maybe if I only had this one I would want to fill it to the top.  The feeder has a nice, robust, locking mechanism that means you know it is secure, the top will not suddenly come away from the bottom.  The feeder weighs 1.2kg when empty and if you fill it with food then it can weigh 2.4k, so this needs to be placed on something robust that will take the weight of a full feeder.  They do sell a separate cable to hang it with should you need it.  The locking system is very easy and not a faff (as said above, an important factor).  What I like about this feeder in particular is that large birds (I get a few pigeons and magpies in my garden) cannot access the food.  I have not seen them on this feeder and whilst I do not wish them harm I am trying to mainly feed the smaller birds.  The squirrels are leaving it alone too.  This feeder retails at around £44.99 which I think it is worth.  It is well made, it has lasted unscathed by squirrels in my garden for a few weeks now where cheaper ones often fail quickly.  I would rather buy one good feeder that lasts than lots of cheap ones that in the not very long-term mean I spend more.
image c/o Finches Friend

Size H.250mm W.238mm D.238mm
Capacity. 1.79l
Weight. 1.2kg empty. 2.4kg full, using sunflower hearts (guide)

Take care and be kind.

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