Tree Following August 2022 - The Quince Count continues

Well well well, I have said many times that the Quince Brothers are tricksy.  I shall commence the quince count and this shall become apparent.

Quince Minor - quince one
Quince Minor - quince two

All good, they are hanging on despite the heat and lack of rain.  Well done Quince Minor.
Quince Major - quince 1
Quince Major - quince two
peer closely ..... Quince Major - quince 3

Yes, Quince Major was hiding two quinces! If I did not know better I would suspect that Quince Major is taking the p**s!  The quinces are high up in the branches, but they are very definitely there.  Long may they last.  I am of course very concerned about the lack of rain this summer.  We recently had a couple of rain showers that did some temporary good and were better than nothing; but within days the benefit has been used up and the garden is earth-crackingly dry.   As  I write this there is no rain forecast for at least ten days and we have temperatures about to climb into the 30s again.  The quince trees seem to be copying quite well so far, unlike some of the trees in the garden they have not needed a bucket of water every now and again so far but I think they might do soon. 

More followed trees can be found here courtesy of Squirrelbasket

Take care and be kind.

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