A sunny day at Gardeners World Live 2022

It was a wonderfully warm, sunny day today when I visited Gardeners World Live.  I always enjoy this show which is the closest 'big' show to where I live.  I feel that I can 'nip' out to it, which is always a good feeling.  

As soon as I get there though I quickly decide that 'nipping' is not the way I want to go around the show, I need a slower pace.  There is much to see and think about and this all takes time.  As ever I am not going to show you everything, and indeed I am purposefully not showing most of the larger show gardens which I know is not what I am meant to do but...... a) my blog my rules (you know this by now) and b) I think it is often in the smaller moments that the real charm of the show comes out and c) they get lots of coverage elsewhere.

There is much charm to see.  This is one of the borders they have,  which are possibly not in the most central of places to find.  This is a shame as over the years I have come to regard these borders as a real strength of the show.  They are not huge and therefore more doable for people starting out on the their designing careers.  Also as many of our gardens are not huge, they show what can be done in limited space and I think this is very important. This border is called 'To Anchor a Wild World' and is designed by Angie Tolley, The Barefoot Gardener.  It won a Gold Medal at the show and this it is a very worthy winner.
I also really liked this border with its use of cut screens.  Designed by David Magor it is called 'Overcoming barriers, reconnecting with wildlife for better mental health'.  A sentiment I can certainly agree with.

and this border uses the Suffragette colours (purple, white and green) in its planting and is called (We deserve a) Wild Life and was designed by Kitty Chew.  I loved this garden and totally agree, we definitely deserve wild life!  
There are the larger show gardens as well to enjoy, this one with its sound of running water and large swimming lake felt cooling just to look at on this warm day.  It is called 'The Living Landscape: a nostalgic experience' and was designed by The Garden Design Company with Michael Wheat Group.  Oh for a garden large enough for a swimming lake...... though then I would have to learn to swim.....  This garden is the largest show garden ever to have been hosted at Gardeners World Live.  
From the largest to some of the smallest: these barrows were designed by local schools for the School Wheelbarrow Competition with the theme of 'Commonwealth Countres in a barrow'.  The Commonwealth Games are being held in Birmingham in a few weeks time. 
I did pause briefly at these rather lovely outdoor xylophones and glockenspiels.  The sound from people playing them was lovely and I was quite tempted, but I am not sure if my neighbours would approve they have enough to put up with from my wind chimes.
I continued my wandering into the Floral Marquee, which is always a 'must visit for me.  The one at Gardeners World is one of the best as it has so many plants on sale.  The marquee is well spaced out inside.  I think (hope) the days of cramming stalls in tightly are over as people are still not keen to get into crowds; the pandemic is still with us.
There is always so much to see the marquee.  This is from the 'Grundy's Farm' feature designed by Paul Stone.  Listeners to The Archers will nod in acknowledgement. 
I was pleased to see the tribute to Peter Seabrook who sadly died earlier this year and whom I think it is not an exaggeration to call Peter one of the gardening greats. The feature was designed by Peter as part of the BBC's centenary celebrations and was inspired by Pebble Mill where he hosted the lunchtime programme from 1975 to 1986.  I remember well the 'Pebble Mill At One' programmes.
I found a tardis (of course I did)
and a medal winning Platypus.  I thought it might be a duck, but I decided it was just duck-billed.
I was clearly having a duck day as I also found this duck bird bath in the exhibition halls.  Maybe it was the hot sunny day but this really made me smile.  I had to move away in case I bought one.
I did buy a plant (rude not to), this is Hosta 'Night before Christmas'.  I know regular readers will be raising eye-brows and muttering 'I thought you didn't like hostas?', well I am a convert and I seem to have a few now.  I even know exactly where this one will be planted, but that as they say, is for another day......

I really enjoyed my time at the show.  I went for a few years when I did not go but now it is on my 'must visit list.  

The show is open Thursday 16th to Sunday 19th June.  There is so much more to see than I have shown in this glimpse.   You can buy tickets in advance or pay a bit more if you buy them at the show.  Do remember to buy your parking in advance if you are travelling by car, it is cheaper to do so.

Take care and be kind.

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