Tree Following May 2022

 It is just too exciting at the moment. 

I am not sure I have ever seen the quince brothers as smothered in blossom as they are this year.  They really do look amazing.
I love how quince blossom is flushed with pink.  It is so delightfully pretty.  
and as each of the blossoms starts to die back....
... I start to look for quincelets and pre-quincelets.  I look for the signs that the fruit is starting to form.  I  wonder if it will set, I wonder if it will become fruit.  I stop and pause, I take a step back and consider all the blossom on the trees.  Surely this year will see more fruits, surely.

Time will tell (and don't call me Shirley....)*

More followed trees can be found here courtesy of Squirrelbasket

Take care and be kind

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*Airplane! (1980)