Modern Art, where art thou?

Flipping snowdrops - they are a flipping pain in the flipping neck.  Ok, maybe not all them, but most of the expensive flippers and particularly you Modern Art, yes you.

Not that expensive I hear some of you mutter, compared to the price of some snowdrops no it is not.  In terms of what I am prepared to pay for a snowdrop though it is at the upper edge.  Largely this is because I feel that money spent on expensive plants has to be money I am prepared to gamble with as the plant might just up and die.  I am only prepared to gamble with money I can fritter and dear reader, frittering money is not in huge supply.  

I bought Modern Art a few years ago from a visit to Thenford in 2018, I planted her, I loved her.  I had a bit of a moment when I had to dig up my named snowdrops as I thought I was moving house (less said the better on that one) and then I replanted them.  I labelled them.  Modern Art looked at me, I looked back and she retreated into the soil to disappear completely and I thought forever.  One year ran into the next.  I poked at the ground in that impatient way to see if bulbs remained and was fairly sure they had disappeared.

and yet....

I did not remove the label largely due to being lazy.  A couple of years pass and suddenly signs of growth appeared this year.  Suddenly it looked like she might be back.

I waited.

I watched.

I waited......


ta da!  Sometimes if you wait long enough there is a happy ending.

and whilst we are at it - Madelaine has been amazing this year!  Madelaine  was one bulb/flower when purchased in 2017 during a trip to Thenford to see their snowdrops.  She has thrived, she has sulked and this year she has multiplied.

am I happy - over the flipping moon mate! over the flipping moon!

Stay safe and be kind.

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