Just a little bit of hope

Sometimes you just need that little bit of hope don't you?  It does not have to be big - it does not have to be about something incredibly important, it just has to be that moment in a day when something you had not expected makes you pause for a second and smile and think that things are not that bad after all.

Sometimes I think that this is one of the key joys of growing things: be that in the garden or in the house.  That moment when I see the first snowdrop, the first daffodil or in this case, the first, slightly tatty looking, of the violets.  I sometimes feel like I move from one moment of hope to the next like I am on a slow conveyor belt as I am checking the growing progress.  Do you remember the scene in the 1970 film of The Railway Children where Jenny Agutter is at her birthday party and moving around the room in a dreamlike movement (that I believe was her sitting on the camera dolly so it looks like she is gliding).  Sometimes I feel I am moving around the garden like that: gliding from plant to plant.

Today's moment of hope was biformed with a happy memory.  I saw this pink violet starting to flower. It is an old cliche about shy, retiring violets as they hide their flowers so well, looking downwards demurely.  I have had this pink violet for quite a while, I bought it on my first visit to Easton Walled Gardens way way back in 2013 as a small plant.  I planted it next to Natasha and Elsie, well no, actually, I planted Natasha and Elsie next to it as they did not arrive until May 2013, but anyhoo they have been together for a long time now and will not be separated.

I look at these violets frequently and always think of where I bought them from.  I know I often talk about plants having symbolism and meaning for me as so many in my garden are growing memories of people and places.

This day when I saw the little flash of pink it raised a smile.  I suddenly had that curious mix of nostaligia for gardens visits gone by and ones yet to come.  With one thing and another including a stormy weekend, I have not visited any snowdrop gardens yet this year ......   I must rectify this.  I cannot spend another year with a snowdrop visit.

So this little bit of hope, this happy memory is booting me out of the door.  Go visit! I hear it cry, and I shall.

Take care and be kind.

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