Tree Following - the November Quince Count

 Oh dear, my dear readers, brace yourselves......

and then there was one.

Just the one.  Poor Quince Minor lost his quince, so only this one remains on Quince Major.  A quince on the bush is worth, well, everything to be honest.  I am happy enough with one quince, I am happy enough if this now falls off as it was there and it grew and it looked great.  There is no shame for Quince Minor in much the same thought.  Quinces were there, they tried, I am happy enough.
and now I stand and watch the leaves turn through their Autumn colours.  I have said several times that these are very garden-worthy trees, fruit or no fruit.  I enjoy their beauty whatever the quince count turns out to be.

More followed trees can be found here stewarded by Squirrelbasket 

Stay safe and be kind.

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  1. Well done, Quince Minor and Quince Major, trying your best is the best reason to be proud.

  2. What a shame. As you say they're good trees for a garden. xx

  3. True, a tree is a wonderful thing, whatever the number of fruit it produces.


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