Product Review - Supra C500 Keysafe

I was contacted by the nice people at The Key Safe Company to see if I would like to trial and review one of their key safes.

I have not paid for this product nor have I been paid to write this review.  My words and opinions are my own.  I am used to having to use key safes when I go on holiday as most holiday cottages in the UK (well the ones I seem to use anyway) use a key safe as the key handover point these days.  So I knew they were easy to use, secure and very convenient.  I did wonder though what I could use one for myself.  Then I realised how useful this small keysafe could be.  More of this later....

The key safe I was sent is the Supra C500 Keysafe.  It is hefty, you can tell by the feel of it that this is not flimsy or poorly made.  This key safe has LPS1175 Issue 8 A5 Certificate 1082g security rating when it is securely fixed to masonry/dense concrete.  The website says it is as attack-resistant as a front door if mounted this way.  The manufacturer states that the latest model is officially UK's most secure mechanical key safe, as independently certified by Secure by Design, UK Police initiative, and Loss Prevention Certification Board.

The key safe has a weather proof cover and can hold up to six keys (depending obviously on what type of key).

On the Key Safe website there are useful blog posts about the whys and hows of installation:   It was easy to install, you do need a T30 Torx screwdriver and a 5mm masonry drill bit.

You select the code yourself and there are 4096 possible combinations you can choose.  Top tip - don't choose a birthday or anniversary, you might be able to remember it but it lessens the amount of guessing if the number is four digits and starts with 19 or 20.  You can create a combination of letters and numbers with these safes.  The Supra C500 Keysafe has optional security features that include an internal anti-tamper cover.

What did I decide to use my Supra C500 Key Safe for?  It is really handy to put a spare set of keys in for if I ever lock myself out of the house, or if I need someone to go to the house for some reason and I am not there.  

Stay safe and be kind.

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