Tree Following October 2021 - and then there were two

Ah dear readers, this may (is definitely) a spoiler but this month's tree following has a tinge of disappointment bolstered by the belief that something is better than nothing.  So here is this month's quince count - please don't blink.

One Quince

Quince Minor starts the count with its robust looking, ripening quince.  This is a fine looking quince with its downy skin starting to get more golden with each passing day.  We love this quince, we respect this quince, we probably also worship this quince: just a little, just enough.

Quince One

Quince Major's high up quince is similarly full of downy praise.  However this is now a lone quince on this tree, the second quince, the shy one has found the recent stormy weather just too much to bear and so dropped and ran for the hills; well either that or a squirrel stole it which I am more than happy to believe.  Squirrels are the cute bandits of the garden, rampaging around doing whatever they want and fluttering their bright eyes whilst swishing their wild brave tails.  They annoy and entrance with equal measure.

A quince in the tree is worth one in the hand and two trees with a quince each is sufficient unto the day.  I am happy enough if I have two quinces that I can pick.

So keep your fingers crossed for me for as ever, time will tell.

For more followed trees see the forest stewarded by Squirrelbasket.

Stay safe all and be kind.

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  1. Good luck! The remaining quinces are looking great - it's been an education watching them grow!

  2. Fingers crossed that the remaining two stay intact. xx

  3. Fingers crossed. Hope the squirrels have not acquired a taste for quinces. They eat nearly everything else!
    Thanks for sharing :)


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