Product Review - Green Protect Slug and Snail Barrier Pellets

I was asked recently if I would like to trial the Slug and Snail Barrier Pellets from Green Protect.  I think like many gardeners I have a constant struggle with slugs and snails and so trying new ways to deal with them without chemicals is something I am always interested in.

I have not paid for this product and I have not been paid to write this review.  My words and opinions are as ever my own.

It is important to say that these pellets form a barrier, they are not slug pellets that will kill the slugs or snails, but the small pellets (I would almost call them granules), create a gritty unpleasant barrier to slugs barrier that they should not want to glide over to eat our precious plants.

The pellets are biodegradable and can just be dug into the soil at the end of the season, they contain no chemicals.
Whilst this does not look like much, this is the sign of success.  My Petunia exserta has been eaten to a millimetre of their lives.  I actually thought they were dead.  This meant whilst I thought I would give the granules a try, I did not create as thick a barrier as is recommended in the instructions.  Despite this the barrier has worked.  This leaf is the sign of life returning.  Admittedly this is rather late in the season and this petunia is doomed never to reach its potential but that, as they say, is not the point.  It does show that these barrier pellets work.

Very importantly the label states that these pellets are safe to use near children and pets and they also should not harm hedgehogs.

I was pleased with how the pellets worked.  I did find the colour a little bright, but usually I only need to protect from slugs whilst the plant is young, so I would imagine I could dig in the pellets once the plant has developed enough.  

The 1.5kg container (which is also made of recycled plastic) can be found online at around £10.

Stay safe all and be kind.

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