Tree Following September 2021 - We Three

Here we are in September, the month of fruitfulness and my quince trees are maybe not fruit-full but definitely not fruit-less.  The Quince Count* continues.....

One Quince

Quince Minor is still providing me with one quince, one drizzled on and furry looking quinceling.  Perfection in quince form.

Quince One

Quince Major provides more than one quince.  This is the shy one, hiding beneath the leaves just peeping out enough so that I can see it.  Shyness is fine it it keeps this quince-baby safe.

Quince Two

and this is Quince Two on Quince Major, the high one.  The high one is just about reachable for me so that is fine.  It is hopefully safe enough high up there waving at me cheekily as I stand to look in awe.

So now we are three and let us hope they stay as three.  The next month will hopefully see plumpening and ripening...........

.......... fingers crossed

More followed trees can be found  under the watchful stewardship of Squirrelbasket who holds this forest of followed trees together.

Stay safe all and be kind.

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*to be said in the voice of the The Count from Sesame Street - always.


  1. Soon it will be time for quince harvest :)

  2. Fingers crossed. It's a fruit that I don't think I've ever tasted. xx

  3. Impressive work. Quince Minor's single fruit looks like perfection itself. Let's hope it tastes as good!

  4. They are looking really luscious this year!
    All the best :)


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