The Nottingham Catchfly - the planting out

Way way way back in June last year I wrote about taking part in the project to restore the Nottingham Catchfly to the place it was first recorded, Nottingham Castle.  As with the nature of most things in the last eighteen months or so, the planting out date at the castle could not happen when first hoped so the plants had to hang on a bit until it was possible. 

This meant I had to overwinter the plants I had successfully grown from the seeds I had been sent.  This was a bit nerve-wracking as I worried I might fail to keep them alive and so not have any plants when planting out was allowed.  Thankfully this was an unnecessary worry, they sailed through the winter quite happily.
The day arrived when we could go and plant out our plants.  My daughter and I went to the castle and were shown where the planting was taking place.  We carefully and lovingly planted out our cossetted plants.
We whispered words of encouragement to our plantings,
and left them rooting away happily, restored to the castle walls where (or somewhere near to) they were first recorded and where apparently they have not been seen for over 200 years.
I also kept one of the plants to put into my own garden, this felt a bit cheeky but I wanted a connection between my garden and the castle, a connection between my childhood home-town and now.
Seed heads are forming on my plant, who knows it may hopefully self seed.

I was so pleased to be able to grow these plants for Nottingham Castle.  The castle is now open after being closed for three years to enable a massive refurbishment project to take place; I need to go and visit my plants to see how they are progressing.(for they will always be my plants to me) (and yes, of course I will recognise them...... well, maybe......)   You can read more about the Nottingham Catchfly project here.

Stay safe all and be kind.

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