Product review: Sprig & Sprout Roman Herb Empire Kit

 I have recently come to the conclusion that I do not grow enough fresh herbs.  I grow rosemary, chives  and mint but that is about it; so when I was contacted by Sprig & Sprout to see if I wanted to review one of their herb starter kits it felt an opportunity too good to refuse.  I have not paid for this kit and my words and opinions are as ever my own.  I have not been paid to write this review.

Problem number one was which kit to choose, they sell four different kits at the moment:  The Roman Herb Empire Starter Kit, The Eco Herb Garden Starter Kit, The Indoor Herb Garden Kit and the Roman Herb Empire Kit.  I looked at which herbs I thought I would use most and plumped for the The Roman Herb Empire Kit. It was a tough call to be honest but I already had some chives so I went for the kit I had least of.
The kit duly arrived and it contains everything you need to get started successfully: you receive organic seeds, bamboo plant labels, biogradable reusable bamboo pots, a herb stripper and starter pellets and detailed instructions. 
I soaked the pellets, sowed the seeds and sat back waiting in anticipation.

The seeds germinated really quickly and the plants soon were growing strongly.  I planted the pellets into some peat free compost and soon I had some good growth.
The keen eyed amongst you will count only four pots.  Dear reader, the best kits in the world do not guard against slugs.  There is a coriander filled slug out there somewhere.....
I am delighted with how these herbs have grown.
I might be most excited about the oregano, a herb I use a lot but have never grown previously.
and I love love love the bamboo plant labels.
and most important of all is to use the herbs.  Use them and they will grow more bushy from the tops being removed and your cooking will taste amazing.  There is nothing, nothing like the taste of fresh herbs that you have grown yourself.

I was delighted with how the kit has turned out.  I have these little pots close to the back door so I can nip out and cut some whilst cooking.  I did attempt growing them on the windowsill but it turns out my windowsills are slopey so they fell off.  However this does mean I can also say the reusable plant pots are robust as they did not break.

I can very happily recommend this herb growing kit.

Stay safe all and be kind.

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