Product Review: airconcentre Devola 16L Compressor Dehumidifier and 4lite WiZ Connected SMART LED WiFi & Bluetooth Bulb

 I was asked if I would like to review the Devola 16l Compressor Dehumidifier by the nice people at airconcentre.  I have not paid for this product and my words and opinions remain my own.

I think I have mentioned previously that my conservatory can be a little damp.  Last year I replaced the flooring and put down a waterproof membrane and sealed the bricks using some sealant on the damp proof course.  This has all worked well and the floor has not seemed particularly damp despite the considerably wet winter we had, but it is still something that concerns me.  This dehumidifier seemed like a good thing to try.  I let it have a rest after it arrived for a few days (it said allow 24 hours).  I read the instructions and soon had it up and running.  You plug it in, set the humidity you want to achieve and off it does.  Of course the first thing I needed to know was what should the humidity be in a room.  A quick google and I had a setting to use.  The humidifier started off with the 'circle light' glowing red and humidity showing at 75.  Very quickly it turned green and soon was showing 55 which was the number I had set it at.  I could hear some gentle trickling sounds and it had indeed collected water from the air.  

The humidifier has a twelve hour timer and will automatically shut down when the water collection tank is full.  You can also just make the water empty out bypassing the tank if you have somewhere for it to drain into. It filters the air and can be moved around to where it is needed.  The website says you also can use it help speed up drying clothes if they are being dried indoors.  This I shall have to try!

I was very impressed with this little machine.  It is really quite quiet too.  I can fully recommend it.

I was also sent a 4lite WiZ Connected SMART LED WiFi & Bluetooth Bulb GLS White & Colours - 4L1-8004 to try from the airconcentre's sister site:  I like smart light bulbs.  I have a few in the house as I like to be able to change the colour of the light.  Increasingly I have daylight settings as I prefer the colour of the light and if I am sewing or reading it is easier on the eyes.  

I am hoping you can see the difference in tone in the above pictures.  Not only can you change the bulb's colour, it also is fully dimmable.

This bulb can also be connected to Alexa and Google Assistant and Siri so you can control it with your voice if you wish.  You can also programme it to switch on and off when you are away, always a very handy feature. 

I am very happy with both products and I am grateful to airconcentre for asking me to do this review.

Stay safe all and be kind.

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