Product Review: The Growable Calendar

I quite often get sent information on new products and initiatives and I like to be able to support ones that genuinely grasp my attention and I think may be of interest to my readers.  This Growable Calendar is one such project.  I have not paid for the calendar and my words and opinions are my own.

The Growable Calendar is, well, exactly what it says it is.  A calendar that includes pages of organic seeds you can plant at the right time and with advice so that you can be successful.

It is also beautifully illustrated.

Plus it is not a named for a particular year calendar, so you could start using it in July and keep using it until June next year.  This makes it very practical.

The makers tell me that the calendar was first launched in 2018 and it was the first on the market with plantable seed paper.  You just cut seed paper into smaller pieces and plant either into the ground or in pots depending what you are planting.  The calendar has been developed by primoza, a Bavarian start-up with a mission to help people experience and harness their natural bond with everything green and growing.

In order to make this product available to the UK primoza is offering a discount of up to 25% to everybody who registers with their pre-launch site and then takes part in the crowdfunding campaign - running from July 20 to August 11 - within the first 48 hours. Click on the link below:

As I hope you would expect I have dutifully sowed some seeds from the calendar - and look!
How exciting is that!  Baby Beet Choggia germinating nicely.

Primoza also has a Facebook and Instagram page if you want to know more.

Stay safe and be kind.

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  1. I love the idea, but there’s not much room for writing on the calendar!


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