Treefollowing June 2021 - Quincelets!

This year has been a year of interesting weather so far:  a dry cold April and a wet wet wet May.  Here we are in a warm so far June and the Quince Brothers are bedecked with quincelets.

and I mean bedecked!
It looks like against all the odds, almost every blossom has become a quincelet.  I have even done that thing I try not to do, which is to gently give them a little push to see if they are attached - and they are, they actually are.
Both trees, Major and Minor, have more quincelets than I have ever seen before.  
It is tremendously exciting!  Now I whilst I am wildly optimistic about the current state of events I am not unrealistic in believing that every quincelet will become a quince.  I should be so lucky as Kylie would say (sing). 

I will be spending the next month anxiously watching the quincelets.  I just hope they don't turn out to be quincelings ......  I will try to resist routinely testing how well they are attached, but it is difficult to resist.  I will resist stapling or glueing them to the branches, though it is very tempting.

Time, of course, will tell - just wish me luck!

Thanks as ever to Squirrelbasket for stewarding the forest of followed trees.

Stay safe and be kind 

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