End of Month Review June 2021

I think I always get to the end of June and think 'crikey half the year gone already!', a sure sign of how many times I have seen this happen.  So here we are, the year is half way through, the nights and morning are edging closer together from the other direction.  

The passing of Derby Day means that the Knot Garden starts getting trimmed until the frosts return.  I was worried it had Box Moth infestation a year or so ago but now there is no sign and it seems healthy enough.  I just feel like it is a matter of time before it has to be removed but for now I am enjoying it.
On the front door step I have this pretty pot of begonia and nictotiana.  I am rather pleased with it.
Also on the doorstep is this pot of geraniums - I know they are pelagoniums, but I also know my mum will look at them and say there are geraniums.  These are just like the ones she always used to grow when I was a child.  I don't like the smell of them but even that smell takes me right back.  
By the back door there are now several pots of roses, they seem to be thriving and they bring a welcome splash of colour to this otherwise dull space.
The pots of succulents are growing well too.  They seem to like growing here.
As I walk around to the back garden I can see the blackfly running an illegal rave on the cardoon.  I frown a little but walk on by.  The ladybirds and birds will deal with them I tell myself.
It is, as Elvis would sing (the other Elvis), a good year for the roses.  This is Mme Alfred Carriere growing up the Whitby Arch.  I do not show it often from this side, but you get the full impact from here.
The Courtyard Garden is looking green and lush.  It is never hugely flowery this time of year, it creates a cool shady green area.
This photo shows the Gillenia trifoliata, which is really tall this year.  I have had this plant for many years now and I think it is a wonderful froth of a plant.  It flowers well and has good Autumn colour.
As I look out over the garden the lawn shimmers white with clover.  I keep the mower blades high so that it quickly bounces back into flower after a mow.
By taking a moment to stop and look properly at the garden I can see it is more colourful than I thought it was.
I keep thinking it is very green, but within it I am quite pleased with the colour that is there.
I think I have already mentioned the roses are doing well this year....
The Exotic Border is doing very well this year.  You cannot see the bananas very well, they are still very small, but the tree ferns are just sheer joy.  I am also pleased that the dark leaved, white flowered clematis (name long lost) is scrambling up and between the tree ferns in a very pleasing way.  I have just added some cannas to this border too.  This is the first year I have tried growing them in a many a long year as for some reason they struggle in this garden.  I am hoping this year will be different.
The Prairie Borders, on the other hand, are not making me happy.  They feel like they have got away from me this year.  There is too many weedy grass appearing and I just need to rein it back in..... or start again..... no, rein it in, I just need some time to really focus on getting it into shape....... soon....

I have given the Wild Garden a partial cut.  This is unusual for me, I usually wait until late August/early September, but I wanted to try something a  bit different this year.  The outer edges have been left intact, but I have given a high cut to the rest.
I stood and particularly admired my catalpa tree.  I am so fond of this year, it has been in the garden almost since day 1 of moving in here and I always look on it and smile.
The Dancing Lawn has also now been mown, the bulb foliage had died back so it was time to restore it to its dancing duties.
I wander back down towards the house and this corner of the Pond Border stops me in my tracks.  I love the jumble of astrantia, roses and geraniums (proper geraniums this time).  It is alive with bees enjoying themselves.
and in the greenhouse the Sweet potato Treasure Island #Makatea' are just amazeballs!  I am pretty sure they grow at least three inches longer every day.  Now whether there are tubers forming is another matter and your guess is as good as mine - but the foliage itself it such a wonderful lime-ist of lime greens I am happy beyond happy.
I end, as ever, on the pond.  Yes this is the pond, the Carex pendula which is a thug of a thug is hiding it well and needs thinning back but the pond itself is quite clear at the moment.

Stay safe and be kind.

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  1. What a lovely stroll round your garden. The rainy/sunny June has certainly helped everything on its way. I know, July now. I’m glad July is a long month 🙂


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