A visit to Powis Castle

Gosh how wonderful to go on a garden visit again, it now feels even more of a treat than it already did and especially as this visit was part of a weekend away.  I have wanted to visit Powis Castle for many years.  I do not know where I thought it was, but only in the last year or so did I realise I drove pretty much past it on a fairly regular basis.  This meant that a visit really did have to happen.

The weekend was due to be a stormy one, but the Friday was sunny and so a perfect day for a visit.  We booked ahead as is the current process and arrived there in time for lunch.  Everything was nice Covid-safe and so it felt comfortable.
I think it is fair to say that Powis is known for its yews.  The castle gardens have retained much from their 17th century origins including these Baroque style hedges where many others would have had this swept away by the later fashions such as Capability Brown and beyond.   The gardens at Powis have been updated through the years but always sensitively and retaining their strong character.
The 14 metre tall yew hedge is a thing of wonder.  It has that delightful bumpy look that old yew hedges have.  Just think about all those rickety ladders gardeners would have used in the past to clip this and think about how health and safety regulations are there for a reason now.  
The castle stands high above the gardens and terraces lead you down through it.
The views across the gardens and beyond into the landscape are stunning.
The Aviary Terrace is fronted by this row of statues.  Now you all know I like a good statue and these all have a built in animal companion.
Isn't this dog wonderful?
There is so much to see here.  There are green sweeps of lawn.
Beautifully domed shaped apple/fruit trees line the paths.
We spent a moment enjoying the gates with their dragon guards.
I also had a moment of bench-envy.
and the garden works from every angle.....
.... every angle.
and whilst much of the garden is formally planted, on the wooded path back to the car park you find naturalised leucojum;
and some stunning rhododendrons.
There are peacocks and peahens wandering around.  The peahen was having none of his nonsense on this day which is why she is no where to be seen.  She had wandered off in high dudgeon.
This exciting little telephone cupboard caught my eye ...
and I loved this plunge pool too.  We thought about the lord of the house racing across the lawn in the nuddy to climb up the to this pool on the bank facing the house every morning.  There was nothing to say that this was ever a habit, but it amused us greatly to think about it.  We decided indoor bathing was invented for a reason.....
We had such a good afternoon wandering the grounds.  There is much more to see than I have shown here so that you can discover it for yourself hopefully one day.
We then wended our way further into Wales to start our weekend.  More of which later.

Stay safe and be kind 

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