Tree Following - blossom

Here we are in May with hopefully the last of the frosts being over (fingers crossed) and there is blossom opening on the quince trees at last.

There it is, shining like a beacon of hope.  The pink edges wiffling slightly against the deepening green of the leaves.  This blossom might one day be a quince.  This blossom may encourage other blossoms to follow suit and lead to many quinces.  

and just in case you worry I have put all my quince hopes into one basket....

There are many blossoms on Quince Major,
and many on Quince Minor.

The Quince Brothers, who are tricksy trees who dance to the beat of their own drum have decided this year to be trees of promise. 

Let us hope they keep their promise.

More followed trees can be found under the stewardship of Squirrelbasket.

Stay safe and be kind 

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  1. Good to see that both trees have plenty of blossom.
    Thanks, and for you too. xx

  2. A beacon of hope has never whiffled with such promise before.

    Just don't go counting those Quinces before they hatch.


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