The Snowdon Chronicles - a set back yet stepping forward

Sooo, like many things over the last year added to the long list of postponements is the organised night-time walk to the summit of Mount Snowdon - which is, as they say, a bummer.  But! and this is a good but, as I write it looks like I can still go to the cottage I have booked for when I am meant to be doing the walk.  As long as I am allowed to go then I am going and if I am going then I can walk up Mount Snowdon in the daylight.  It will be practice and so all is not lost.

In the meantime my training continues.  This means lots of walks in, often, Spring sunshine.  I have been wandering further and finding new walks all possible from my front door.
I keep finding new routes and turning left one day and turning right the next.
Finding the time to go for walks is not always easy, but I had a week off work recently and there was the long Easter weekend which gave me some opportunities for a longer explore.
I seem to spend more time using underpasses than I have ever done before.  Where I live there are major roads and whilst I am not keen on underpasses, they are better than getting run over. 
I find interesting things when walking.  I decided this was a stoneage railway.  
and this watery, reedy area has now been renamed by me the Grimpen Mire.  If you saw the size of some of the dogs that live near me you would know this makes perfect sense.
There are a lot of ponds and watery bits nearby, which is quite a surprise to me.  I have written previously about following the brook that runs close by my house. I think there is a lot more to find out and explore still.

So I will keep walking, keep your fingers crossed for me that I will get to Snowdon this year and - and this is the very important bit - keep your fingers crossed that in 2022 I will complete the nighttime challenge.  I am doing this challenge to raise money for the horticultural charity Perennial, a charity that does important work supporting gardening and horticultural workers.  Please do donate if you can.  All the money is going directly to Perennial as I have paid for the trip myself.  

The full story of this quest can be found here

Be safe and be kind.

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