The Blackberry Tales 14 - A tale of bear and bunny

Its been a while since there has been a Blackberry Tale, but suddenly the time is right.

First there was bear. Before bear there was a glimpse of bear and a promise of bear and then there was bear. 
I loved bear.  Bear lit up my evenings and when he started to shine it was time to close the curtains and shut out the dark. 

For a few brief weeks bear was happy and I was happy 

until ....

There was a large heavy roll of lino-related-incident. 

Bear was crushed. 

I mourned Bear.

I replaced Bear. 
Hello Bunny, I love bunny.  Bunny lights up the dark of the evenings that are now getting shorter and signals when the curtains should be closed.

Yet I still missed Bear.  I decided to search for a replacement.  I found some nearlys and some not quites and then....
I found new Bear!  I was delighted.  Bear arrived, Bear is now in a new place indoors as I am trying not to lose this bear.  He does keep looking upwards not unlike Chicken-Licken, but so far so good.

How fickle life is, Bunny is happy, Bear is replaced and happy and the pain is gone.....

.... and they both fear death by lino and now bicker over who signals curtain closure.  Sigh.

Stay safe all and be kind

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