Product Review: Wildlife World Bird and Wildlife Food

I was recently sent a package of wild bird and wildlife food from Wildlife World.  I have not paid for these products and my words and opinions remain my own.

The box the food arrived in is recyclable and the contents were packaged in hay which made the parcel smell nice and is of course totally compostable.  I received a nice selection of wild bird foods, swan and duck foods, squirrel and hedgehog foods all made by Cotsworld Granaries.  The foods are packaged in resealable and compostable packaging.  

The food is of high quality grains, nuts and some dried mealworms depending on which food it is.  I put out the squirrel food as squirrels are eating the peanuts I usually have for the birds faster than I can buy it.
I have learned with squirrels that I might as well feed them.  They eat my bulbs and currently dig up my lawn to plant peanuts, but they are small and fluffy and when I am not getting cross with them I am thinking how cute they are.  I tell myself if I give them food they like they might leave some of the actual bird food for the birds.
The squirrels quickly voted yes to the squirrel food.
The robins also approved.  The bird food is high quality and you can buy 'no wheat' and 'no mess' selections.  They ate it quickly, they left no mess, so that was good.  I've never really thought about 'mess' from bird food as I tend to think that seed/nut casings will just be composted into the ground.  If I had my bird feeders over paving I would probably think differently.

The swan and duck food I am saving for when I meet up with my daughter for a socially distanced walk as we often visit a nature reserve that has many swans and ducks.  The hedgehog food I have put out at the top of the garden where I know there are hedgehogs though I hardly ever see them.  I am told seeing them in daylight is a sign of poor health so I am quite happy I never see them.

I was very impressed with the quality of the food (as were the recipients above).  The website itself is full of fantastic products all aimed at supporting our wildlife which is an important thing to do to maintain balance in our garden eco-systems.  I can happily recommend these products.