Product Review: ARS VS Rotating Handle Secateurs and GR17 Curved Folding Saw

As regular readers will know it is usually this time of year when I attend the Garden Press Event to find out about all the new and exciting products that will be on our shelves for the new growing season.  It will be no surprise that a physical event could not take place this year but there was a virtual replacement which worked very well.  As part of this event I got talking to the nice people from Sorbus International about the ARS tools range.  I have been sent the following products to trial, I have not paid for them and I have not been paid to write this review.  My words and opinions are my own.

ARS are a Japanese company who have been making garden tools since 1876.  Japanese gardening tools are very often a thing of beauty and known for their high quality and superior design.  The tools I have been sent are no exception.

I decided to try the Rotating Handle secateurs as I have never tried a pair with rotating handles.  I will confess to you I have never really understood what the point of the rotating handles is.  The website tells me that the handles are ergonomically designed and the rotating nature of them means they are comfortable to use particularly for long periods of time.  I spent a good couple of afternoons using them doing the winter detritus tidy up and I can say they were very comfortable.  On the website it says that the rotating handles means that the handles move with each cut so there is no friction between the handle and the skin, so no blisters and less fatigue.   It certainly works.

The ARS Corporation state that their tools are 'always razor sharp' due to the quality of the steel that they use.  I can tell you with no hesitation that these secateurs are 'oh my giddy aunt' sharp.  They cut through thick stems like butter.  They are seriously good.  It is also useful to note that replacement blades can be purchased.

I also asked to try the GR17 Curved Folding Saw, this also comes in a straight blade version as well. 

I started off by cutting through a branch that was a good three centimetres thick.  The saw easily cut through it without hesitation.
So I went a bit thicker and again the saw had no problem with the cut.  I was very impressed.  The saw was comfortable to use as well.

The Rotating Handle Secateurs retails at around £45 depending on which size you purchase.

The GR17 Curved Folding Saw retails at around £24.72 

I was genuinely impressed with the quality of these tools, I cannot recommend them highly enough.

Stay safe all, be kind.

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