Letter to the Garden - February 2021

Dear Garden

You know I love you.  Nothing makes me happier than time spent with you, nothing.  My world revolves around you.

I worry though that in recent weeks our relationship might be getting a little stale.  I fear we are seeing each other a bit too much.  It feels like we are getting a little too much in other's pockets - do you feel this too?  I would not want us to get complacent with each other.  Familiarity breeds contempt as they say and you can have too much of a good thing (allegedly).

I do have a confession to make.  In previous years I have visited a lot of gardens.  You know when I've disappeared for a day or even longer sometimes, well in truth invariably I have been spending time with other gardens.  I think in your heart of hearts you knew this and therefore tacitly approved.  You never demurred when I brought home new plants from these visits, you accepted these gifts quite happily.  This last twelve months has seen such visits curtailed and whilst you have benefited in some ways from the extra attention I feel we have also lost something deeply important to our relationship.

I wanted to suggest that maybe I could soon start seeing other gardens again?  Not to replace you, oh no, that would never be; but maybe we could explore somewhere new?  You must have wondered sometimes what other gardens might be like?  Where their paths may lead and what unknown wonders they may hold?

Of course my heart will always be true to you, its not about you dear garden, no no no, this is about me.   I just feel like I need a bit more variety, something to put the zing back into our relationship. 

So what do you think?  Visits to other gardens soon when it is possible again?  I will always come home to you I promise. 

with love

Your gardener

Stay safe and be kind

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