10 years of The Blackberry Garden

Well, who’d have thunk it when I started writing this blog that ten years later I would still be writing and still loving every minute of it. 

In the first tentative posts I didn’t know how to include photos and had no real idea where I was going; I still don’t know where I shall end up but I know I will be where I need to be (with grateful nod to Douglas Adams). 

So do you want some stats?  

I’ve published to date 1,631 posts. (Crikey)

All time ‘views’ are at the time of writing 1,739,504 (crikey crikey) 

But this blog is not about the stats for me and never has been.  I love that you read it and enjoy it too and I feel genuinely privileged that you do.  I am daft enough to keep writing even if no one is reading it as I really enjoy writing.  I always said I would keep writing the blog until it was not fun any more, it is still fun so I am still writing.

and what's next I hear you ask?  (ask, please ask, go on, ask)

Well, as you have asked,  I have started a new project.  I am not going to go into more detail at this moment in time other than I am excited about it and hoping that it might become something.  As it fleshes out more I shall bore you silly with it - if you are a regular reader you should expect nothing less.

So here is to the future, whatever that may be.  I will not say 'another ten years' as who knows?  If this last year has taught us anything it is that plans are like piecrust, made to be broken.  I read last year's mention of the blogaversary and thought wryly how I had such high hopes for last year and for this.  Time will tell, there is still a goodly amount of this year left so there is hope.  I shall continue to write one post at a time and see where the journey takes me.

Stay safe and be kind.

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  1. Congratulations on your blogversary. here's to many more posts. Your new project sounds intriguing...
    Best wishes

    1. Thanks - more info on the project will follow soon :)

  2. Love that phrase "plans are like piecrust" - always enjoy your writing and now intrigued and looking forward to finding out more about the forthcoming project - a book, perchance?

    1. I love a mixed metaphor :)

      A book? you may think that I couldn't possibly comment......

  3. Congrats - stay safe and healthy in these times

  4. Congratulations! Yep, 2020 surely taught us not to plan too rigidly. (Still laughing at the ‘ ask, please ask, go on, ask’ bit 😄 )


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