The Snowdon Chronicles - back on the path again

Some weeks have passed since I last set out on a walk as training for my fundraising nighttime trek to the summit of Mount Snowdon.  I am doing this to raise money to support the horticultural charity Perennial.  I left  the story in November with a broken ankle, not quite 'exit stage left pursued by a bear' but close.   Now however, the boot is off and I am exercising to build up my strength and still determined that (pandemic allowing) the trek will happen.

Actually - the trek will happen.  If we are not allowed to do it as a group due to the pandemic then I will go separately and complete it.  If travel is not allowed at that time then I will complete the equivalent trek locally.  Obviously I want to go to Mount Snowdon, but whatever happens the trek will happen.  

In the meantime I am now starting, carefully, to resume my walks.  I do have to be careful as my ankle is not fully healed yet.  If I walk too far then it starts to ache and of course I cannot walk until it aches as then I still have to somehow get home again.  So it is a careful judging of 'how far can I go today' but not pushing myself.  The ankle is not considered properly healed until after three months have elapsed and that is not until after the end of January, even then it may still play up.  So, lots of ankle exercises and carefully planned walks are the current status.
and of course as I write, we are in national lockdown for the foreseeable future so travelling out to places to exercise is not permitted nor very wise.  So my current walks start from my front door.   Just down from where I live is a brook; it's levels go very low in the summer but this time of year it flows well.  I have been following it recently, walking along where it is possible to walk alongside it and enjoying exploring where it takes me.
It takes me over the ring road.  
It takes me under the motorway.
It takes me to where I stop and sigh at the amount of rubbish caught in the hedgerows.
Past tracks where I think 'next time I will go exploring down there',

and then....
and then I am in fields.  Suddenly there is open space.  Precious space that is currently being built on very close by, but for now these fields still remain.
As I walk I look back and the industrial park and motorway are close by.
I am in unknown territory for me.  I have never been along this road before so I continue.  I check my map as I think I can see a route that will take me round in a circle back home.
The brook emerges every now and again and I am pleased I am still following it.
The sky looks quite dramatic and I know that within an hour or so the light will be gone.  I continue walking.
I cross over the motorway over the new bridge, built for the new development.  As I walk over this bridge suddenly I recognise where I am.  Suddenly I do not need the map anymore as the route home becomes clear.  Also at this point my ankle starts to tell me I have walked too far.  I have about a mile to go and my ankle is  starting to twinge. 

I have learned from my accident thankfully, I now take my walking bag with me which includes a drink and ibuprofen.  I paused briefly to take the tablets and kept walking.
I cut short my usual route as usually I do not go under the ring road by the underpass, usually I keep walking up and over the footbridge.  This would have added a good half mile to my walk and now this was not something I was keen to do.  I got home in as short a route as I could.  A cup of tea and some ice packs later and all was well.  I did rest my ankle for a day afterwards too just to make sure.

I really enjoyed my exploration and, whilst taking care not to over do it, I shall continue to wander out to see what there is to see.

It would be great if you were able to make a donation to help me reach my target of raising £300 for Perennial.  I have raised 66% of the target so far, so only a third to go.  If you are able to make a donation you can do so here, the trip is fully paid for so all proceeds go directly to Perennial. 

Thank you for all your support so far.

Stay safe all and be kind.

The full story of this quest can be found here