Tree Following December 2020 - still leafy

Whilst many of the trees have now lost their leaves, the Quince Brothers hang on steadfastly to theirs.

I always like this perfect moment, when the leaves are turned, paused and yet not quite fallen.  The red colour that is less visible the rest of the year becomes more prominent and adds a line of beauty to the foliage.
Quince Minor, still basking in the glory of producing a quince this year, is waggling his leaves in happiness every time I walk by.
Quince Major waggles generally, (I think he has attention seeking issues this year).  To the untrained person this waggling might be considered as breeze-driven, but that is just evidence of a lack of imagination.
I have written previously how the quince trees hold their leaves longer and release the new leaves sooner than most other trees in the garden.  Quinces or no quinces they are such good garden-worthy trees.

Soon the leaves will be fallen and then I start peering at the branches, looking for the new buds forming and wondering if any of them will contain the next harvest of quinces.  Is this pride before a fall: now expecting 'a' harvest of quinces?  Bearing in mind that I regard one quince as a harvest then surely between the two trees I should now get a harvest next year?  

Time, will of course, tell.

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Stay safe all and be kind.