Plant Review - A crafty Christmas with Bloom & Wild

I have been a customer of Bloom & Wild for a couple of years.  I often buy flowers from them as their selling point is that the flowers are sent in boxes that can fit through a letter box.  No waiting in or just hoping that someone might be in when they arrive.  I have never had an unhappy recipient of their flowers. 

To be transparent, I did receive an email from Bloom & Wild asking if I would write about an article they wanted featuring (more of this later, bear with me).  I have not been paid to write this post and my words and opinions are my own.

It is the time of year to  be thinking about Christmas trees.  I sort of want to whisper that I never have a 'real' tree.  My tree was purchased in 2006 and has been used every year since.  There was a carbon cost when it was made I know, but being able to reuse it must have some brownie points?  Anyhoo, the point is I do not have a real tree but for some reason this year I started wanting a mini real tree to go on a windowsill.  I have looked at a few but not committed.

The email from Bloom & Wild led to me looking at their website and by sheer coincidence a day or so before I had received an email from their customer email list offering me a discount.  The article and discount are not related, but when I saw this little tree I whispered to myself  "you're the one that I want...."  I bought the tree on Sunday and on Tuesday as promised it arrived.  The postlady did hand it to me but that's mainly as in these Covid days we usually have a bit of a chat.

The tree arrived in a nice brown box with green ribbon.
Neatly wrapped inside was the tree, which is around 30 cm tall.  I unwrapped it carefully.
There in the box was a lovely gold hat!  Ok its is not a hat, it is the container for the tree to be planted in.  I want to keep my tree as happy as possible so I nipped out the greenhouse to find a plantpot that would fit in the hat so it could drain better.
Inside the box there was a packet of additional compost to bed the tree in and some moss to top dress it.  Everything is thought out.  I potted it up and gave it some water to revive it from its journey.
In side the box there was also a string of tiny lights and these crayons and stars.  I had to colour the stars in and then hang them from the tree.
I do enjoy a bit of colouring in and it is very good to relax the mind.  I then put the tree onto the windowsill so it could get some light.  I have to say I did sniff the tree a couple of times, it is fresh and piney - what a surprise.

What a delight the tree is.  I could not be happier with it. It is currently retailing at around £33 but they do have email offers frequently (just saying).

Of course time is getting short before Christmas is with us and the article they wanted me to feature is about how to have a 'crafty Christmas' and it can be found here it does have some really useful expert tips.  
photo c/o Bloom & Wild

I love the Festive Swag in particular as I always feel a wreath is beyond my skills but even I can follow the instructions for this.  You can buy the flowers/foliage needed directly from Bloom & Wild and then follow their expert tips to create some stunning and impactful Christmas decor.  As a customer of theirs I can say with confidence I am sure they will not disappoint.

Stay safe all and be kind.