Book Review - Floral Embroidery by Teagan Olivia Sturmer

Followers of my instagram account (blackberrygarden) will know that when not gardening I am often sewing.  I make most of my own clothes and I often have an embroidery project on the go at any set time.  So when I was offered this book to review I hesitated as it is not gardening as such; but it is floral and it does align to my interests and as oft said: it is my blog, my rules.  I have not paid for this book and my words and opinions are as ever my own.

I have never embroidered from a book before, I have always bought kits, so this was a new adventure for me.  I have a good stock of embroidery threads but I needed to buy some linen and some tracing paper to transfer the pattern from the book to the linen.  Before I did this though, I had to read the book so that I could understand what I would be doing.  Whilst as said above I have been sewing for many years (I learned at school: firstly making felt animals at junior school and then making my first skirt whilst at comprehensive school.  I don't think they teach such things any more and that is a huge loss), I could not assume that I would know what I was doing and this is a different style of embroidery from what I have attempted previously.  I know quite a few stitches and have completed a lot of cross-stitch but this book was something new to me.

Teagan explains carefully how the book works, what you will need and why.  Then each chapter takes us step by step through the patterns that build in skill as you go.  So you start at a beginner's level with basic projects of leaves and stems and you progress through detailed projects to intricate ones and even advice on how to create your own patterns.  Teagan also explains how to finish off the hoop to make it a frame for your project.
I decided to have a go at the basic level project 'Rosemary Sprigs'.
I transferred the pattern to the linen,
I followed the steps in the book,
The pattern progressed quite quickly and then.....
and then it was finished.  It did not take me long at all and I am very pleased with the result.  

I do have to warn you that embroidery is addictive.  One project leads to another, no sooner do I see the finish line of one project than I start thinking about what will be next.  I always say that I find sewing very therapeutic, it helps keep my mind occupied and makes me focus on what I am doing, not what I am worrying about which particularly in these Covid days is much needed.  This book is perfect for this as it takes you forward and inspires you to do more.  It is an excellent book to give to a beginner or to inspire someone who can sew but wants to try something a bit different.  I can happily recommend this book.

Floral Embroidery by Teagan Olivia Sturmer is published by Pen and Sword White Owl


  1. That looks like a good book for beginners. I did my first embroidery for decades in lockdown#1 ( ) and I’m doing another now - you’re right, it is addictive!

  2. Thank you so much for being so helpful. it will be helpful for every embroidery person and he/she will also be thankful to you after reading these good suggestions.


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