Tree following October 2020 - and then there were......

 Oh my dear reader, how pride comes before a fall.  The quince trees were doing so well, so well.....  I present to you the Quince Count starting with Quince Minor:

Two Quinces

That's it, just the two, the nicely shaped one that was doing so well has dropped orf as they say.  I reckon a squirrel stole it.  Squirrels are creating havoc in my garden at the moment and if a squirrel can resemble a goat then they are my scapegoat.  I even think they may have been responsible for the recent deluge of rain.......  I saw some dancing I swear.....

Quince Major
One quince

We are back to the just the one and if you look at it closely it is not looking as healthy as I would wish.  I want to blame the squirrels for this too and when I manage to make the link I will let you know.  I fully expect it not to be around much longer.

If I end up with two ripe quinces I shall be happy enough.  They are Quince Minor's first venture into fruiting and so will be properly celebrated.  In these dark days where the culture of blame seems to be spiralling beyond reason, I know my quince trees do what they can; there is always next year.

More followed trees can be found here under the stewardship of Squirrelbasket.

Stay safe everyone, and be kind.


  1. Squirrels are notorious for stealing fruit, or worse taking one bite then abandoning the fruit!


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