Irritating Plant of the Month - Dahlia Wizard of Oz

Last year I grew Dahlia Wizard of Oz, it has a nice pink pom-pom flower, more pom pom than I usually like and yet despite this I was pleased with it.  Not pleased with it enough to take a photograph of the flower it would seem, but I know I was pleased with it.

The plant overwintered well enough and soon started growing when the weather became warm enough.  I was very pleased by this and fed it and watered it in encouragement.

Has it flowered?


It has just been green.  Emerald City green I hear you ask?

Not at all, that is a horse of a different colour...... (see what I did there?)  I think probably in revenge for me not taking a photograph of the flower last year, it has decided to sulk.

Just when I thought nothing was going to happen this year....
I noticed a tiny bud forming.

Too late my dear, too late.

I am sure this is revenge for not taking photos of it when I should have last year.

Flipping dahlia, I think it has never been the same since a house fell on its sister...