Tree Following September 2020 - and then there were.....

This rainy, sunny, chilly, warm start to September is telling us that Autumn is knocking loudly on the door.  The Quince trees are bracing themselves for the time they like to call 'the ripening'.  I say this as if they have lots of practice which we all know is an exaggeration.

Anyhoo - the quince count continues....

Quince Minor

Quince number 1
Quince One

Quince Two

Quince Three

All goodly shaped and plumping up nicely.  Well done Quince Minor, your first foray into fruiting is going well.

Quince Major

Quince One

wait for it.....

Quince Two

Oh you tricksy quinces, how do you hide so well?  Last month I thought I had lost a quince or double counted, but no, there are you peeping out from beneath the leaves.

So we are currently on a harvest of five and that is a great outcome.  I will find a five quince recipe.....

More followed trees can be found here courtesy of Squirrelbasket.

Stay safe all and be kind.


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