Tree following August 2020 - the quince count continues

 Oh what a joy it is to have a quince count again this year.  Last year there was one successful quince grown, which was fewer than the year before but in honesty, each quince is prized in its own right.   This year is the first year Quince Minor has joined in the count and that alone is enough for meq to celebrate wildly.

The quince count is currently:

Quince Minor

One quince

Two quince

wait for it.....

Three quince

Yes that's right - three quinces on Quince Minor.  These quinces are tricksy things and hide very well at times.  I am very pleased to fine this one growing so well.  This is not the weak looking quincelet I was looking at in July, that did drop off, this one has been keeping itself in the shade.  Probably wise in this current heatwave.

Quince Major

One quince

I could only find one quince on Quince Major today, so I suspect that one may have succumbed to gravity.  As said above, each quince is prized and if I end up with a total of four quinces in the Autumn I shall be beyond happy.

As ever time will tell....

Thanks as ever to Squirrelbasket for hosting this meme.