The Veg Diaries - harvesting and planting

Suddenly it is late August and this year that is unlike any other year is suddenly feeling like it is getting to its later phase. Whilst never believing that wishing my life away is a good thing, I am not sorry that this year is passing so quickly. 
The Chilli 'Cheyenne' that are part of the Thompson and Morgan trial I am doing have had their first picking.  Look at how many there are, I am delighted with these.  I have three plants and there are lots of chillies still waiting to ripen.  I pop these straight into a reusable freezer bag and freeze them.  No faffing, just straight in the freezer.  I will then chop them whilst still frozen to add to cooking and top up the freezer bag every time I pick more - easy-peasy.
I have harvested some of the aubergines, they have been pre-sampled by someone.  These are also part of the Thompson and Morgan Trial and are Bonica Hybrid variety.  
This is just before picking, it is a fabulous plant.  I will definitely grow this one again.  I also have some 'Black Beauty' aubergines that were planted a little later.  Some fruits are growing on these plants so I am hopeful I will be harvesting soon.
I am still harvesting broccoli and now I am starting on the International Kidney potatoes planted in the Happy Compost Vegetable Compost (peat free).  These have done better than the first earlies Rocket.  I have had a bigger harvest and there are still some to come.  I love home grown spuds, they are the bees knees!
I am very very very very very very pleased with my carrots.  No, really, do not under estimate how pleased I am with them.  I have spent years failing at growing carrots, but growing them in a container seems to work well for me.  I pick the ones I need and these then thin out the container.  This seems to work too, as I just keep dipping back into the pot to fetch more when I need them.  I am Ms Smug McSmug about my carrots.  These are Thompson and Morgan Speedo F1 - they taste wonderful, they smell amazing (yes I sniff freshly picked carrots, I have no shame) and I will want to grow this variety again.
Not all in the garden is wonderful though, I am not going to pretend I am an expert and that everything I plant grows amazingly.  This is one of the caulis planted in the polystyrene containers in the coir compost.  I have fed them with liquid seaweed and kept them watered but they are stunted and unhappy.  I think there is not enough root-run for them.  This is sad but gardening is all about learning and I have learned from this.
Back to positivity (this year needs positivity): the manky looking mildewed courgettes are looking a lot better.  I cut off the grotty looking leaves and gave them a good feed and voila!  Some courgettes are forming nicely on them so I expect to be harvesting more soon.
Very excitingly, my order of 'Winter Greens Collection' from D T Browns has arrived.  They were are good price and I could not resist.  There is kale (never tried kale before with the intention of eating it, it's worth a go), some broccoli, cabbage and caulis.  I potted them on so that they can establish a bit before putting them outside.  I did this with my Spring veg and I think it worked well.  They look very healthy so I have high hopes for them.
My daily harvests continue, some broccoli, some beans and a few peas here and there.  I am loving this year of growing my own veg and growing it just outside the back door means I am using it.  This means I am cooking more and eating better.  This is good.

Stay safe all and be kind.


  1. Wow, those aubergines look great. I tried them once but they never really took off. Nice harvest! How hot are those chilis?

  2. It looks like your garden really did well! A really nice harvest.

  3. I loved reading this. I'm a young gardener from Birmingham and have been harvesting loads of bottle gourds this summer. Nothing beats fresh organic vegetables


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