The Mini Meadow

When someone randomly sends you a packet of seeds, it is churlish not to sow them.  Back in May I received an order from a local company and tucked in the top was a packet of seeds.  
I looked at the seeds for a moment or two, shook them in that 'are there some in the packet' type way that I do, despite there clearly being some thing in the packet.  I read what was in there and thought, hmm, I have an idea.....

Regular readers will know that this year I have been mainly growing my vegetables in containers.  I looked at this packet of seeds and thought 'mini meadow', I thought mini meadow that I could grow close to the vegetables to encourage pollinators to visit.  This seemed a good plan.
I found a large tray in the greenhouse and sowed the seeds.  Within a few days there was that happy fuzz of green that means that seeds are germinating.  The canes are the 'please don't sleep in this tray' canes to try and keep the cats from snoozing on new sowings.
A few weeks on and the meadow is growing well and starting to flower.
There are phacelia and cornflowers,
The odd corncockle pops up and I do love a good corncockle.
and the prettiest of poppies.
The meadow lives in the veg garden and has worked very well.  It never ceases to amaze me how much joy a simple of packet of seeds can bring.


  1. Not bad for a free packet of seeds! Beautiful :)

    1. Thanks, sowing seeds is just so much fun and leads to such wonderful things

  2. Glad to know you sowed the seeds. It lead to beautiful garden. Loved it. Thanks for sharing:)


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